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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bittorrent As Legal As Can Be

BitTorrent client demo from Carl Franklin. He's a wellknown .NET Developer trainer with a big presence on the net. I can highly reccomend his .NET Rocks weekly shows where he interviews wellknown people from the field, just as and his new Mondays podcasts. Because I don't have broadband at home, and am not allowed to install these clients at work :) I was glad to see this podcasting on how to install and use a BitTorrent client. These things (as if you didn't know) are an extension of the P2P system. Downloads are accelerated by making use of the upstream of other users simultaneously downloading the same file as you. This way the load is taken somewhat from the original server, and you have the privilige of faster downloads. Looks promising.

In my opinion however, these clients will not be what they are today. You can see a nice development here from the first P2P networks (the original Napster and it's siblings) to where we are now. In the future this way of working is probably more built-in the internet as a whole. Distributed computing has still a big way to go...


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