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Friday, January 14, 2005

Interesting Features On My Blog

I was a little bit tired of keeping up with my blogroll by hand. Through time, some blogs loose my interest, and I unsubscribe, new blogs keeps appearing in my feedlist. But, I had to update the blogroll manually. This is really an unneccesary thing to do. There's several ways to keep an updated list of blogs you read on your blog. The one I use now is the BlogLines way of blogrolling: when you make your BlogLines feeds public, you can include a little JavaScript line inside your blog (which does not have to be related to Bloglines of course; that's the nice part of the web, that everyting can be interconnected). This JavaScript does nothing more than presenting the feeds in this particular BlogLines folder on the spot of your choosing. Of course you can display as many feeds as you want: when you want to show more BlogLines folders just add one more of these JavaScripts on your blog. It's quite easy: as you subscribe to new feeds, they appear automatically on your blog. This may all sound very familiar to you, but my hope is some people can use this information to their own ends.

By the way: *after* writing the above I found this blog post on the Leave It Behind blog referring to more cool BlogLines features.
Which showed me a funny thing: most of the times, of course, I too find my information while surfing other sites; and not by dreaming up some new revolutionary programming language, or new way of using VB.NET. However, because of my addiction to reading/surfing chances are I write about something and immediately afterwards find someone else writing about exactly the same subject. I can recommended both sites by the way. The're new for me, but seem to have a fresh bit of info interesting to me at least.

Do you use automatic blogrolls yourselves? Which one, and can you tell why they work for you, or why others don't. I'm very curious for your answers.


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