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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Once again a new blog...

...but is the world waiting for it? We'll just have to wait and see... I decided to switch my tactics and stop blogging by using an alias unrelated to my real name. Couldn't think of any other reason anymore than being found by friends and relatives Googling for my name. But why would that be a problem at all. If you arrived here by exactly that method - I'll be checking my referers :) - you're just as welcome as anybody else. And hey, when you're afraid of someone viewing your expressions without you being physically around, one shouldn't be a writer anyhow.
A short introduction: after more than a year of writing under an alias I'd like you to know me by my real name from now on. I'm working on a software/IT department in a small company in the medical field. Location: western part of the Netherlands (Randstad). My interests in keywords are among much more: programming, databases (SQL Server), VB(.NET), ASP(.NET). But whilst my knowlegde is mainly in the Microsoft range of programming tools, things like open source, information security, blogging techniques, new software techniques are also a great attraction to me. And, I'm a real 'consumer', like to soak new information into myself by surfing the web, but also reading good books (see sidebars).
What can you expect from me? Guess you'll see the usual linkfest of -hopefully- interesting references. Will really do my best not to just copycat every other linkblogger, but try to find some things new to you, dear reader.
Well for now it's enough: I'll put this thingie online right away so expect some change over the next weeks
For the moment the only thing I can say: <shameless plug>subscribe-subscribe</shameless plug> :)


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Arjan Zuidhof said...

just a quick test to see if it works


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