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Friday, January 27, 2006

JavaScript Debugging In ASP.NET 2003

I read some things about debugging JavaScript on ASP.NET 2005, and thought, well, they have added it only in version 2005. But looking a bit further (*) I found an article by Rob Chartier on why this is disabled by default... well, not really 'why...', but 'that...': Clickety-click, fire up the app in Visual Studio, attach to the running document and debugging is all wating for you.

This must be a no-brainer to you, but for me working in .NET only partially, I found it out only now.

(*) by the way using, which is at least as awesome as Google, and a lot more interactive (Ajax-like anyone?): you can choose search options like 'web', 'blog search' and 'wikipedia', which all are displayed on the same page but in different columns. Very customizable, slick and fast


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