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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lots of new products, these are interesting times!

You probably already know about all of them, but in case you have been hiding under a rock the last days/weeks, check them out:

Firefox 2.0 is released! Normally, I'd wait sometime before trying things out, but this is too good not to try. The announcement that you can have spelling control won me over:

Firefox Add-ons: the new spell-checking feature with lots of languages including my own, Dutch... Of course this comes in handy when writing blog posts in web forms, but also for a quick spell-check when your Office product doesn't have the specific language installed (e.g. when you miss the MS Proofing Tools).

Google put something new on the general public: a custom search engine, Haack has more on this. This only leaves the question, is there anything Google doesn't offer yet? One wonders when the day will see the light that we have to pay for our Google accounts.

B.t.w., you haven't missed out on Google Code - released some weeks ago - have you? With Google Code you can search in all public code repositories. Could be handy if you want to compare your coding style with others.

Well, actually these are just the biggest issues from this week. I didn't even mention Microsoft's ASP.NET Ajax framework from which you can download the CTP here. I probably forgot something, but wanted to get your attention for these big things.


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