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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Is The Future In How Much One Can Unlearn?

Couple of weeks ago (yeah I know, kinda slow in keeping up with my blogreading) over on the Creating Passionate Users blog there's talking about how nowadays it's impossible to just acquire the skills in using new techniques and be done with that. Combined with acquiring new knowledge goes the neccessity of removing old knowledge from your brain:

"Sometimes that means letting go of something that served you well for a long time. And that's the toughest thing"

Indeed, I don't really feel like loosing the VB6 like skills I've acquired over the years in favor of the .NET way of living. But it may be neccesarry. For me that does not mean I won't be coding in VB6 anymore, because in my company we have not made 'the switch' yet. But it does mean that I have to try and start new projects in .NET as far as possible for me. Even if it's small internal projects only used by a couple of other employees. However, I still find it difficult to really take the time for the plunge. Every day this resolution seems to be overhauled by reality. Wish me luck on my quest :)



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