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Thursday, March 24, 2005

That Tasty Google Juice, Of Which We All Just Can't Get Enough

In an unsuccessful effort to keep up with my backlog of blogposts, found Brian Bailey talking about his dropping from the Google index some time ago. This happened after he changed his page header. He speculises on the fact that the Google spider is more likely to relate your blog to your name - and thusly, acquire more Google Juice - when you use your name in the title / name of the blog. This reminded me of the fact that my blog, which I only started a couple months ago, could also use a little bit more juice. So, first I checked my Blogger template, to see where my name would show up. It turned out that Blogger puts the Blog Title in the HTML TITLE element, which isn't too strange. Furthermore, at the end of every generated page is a "posted by Arjan Zuidhof". The only thing that I changed, and which couldn't hurt, is to include my whole name in the Contact Info on the right.

Well, seems I just need to post a bit more and wait some more time in order to climb the rankings :) The ways of Google are not just as mysterious as the Lord's ways, but they come close...

PS1 When you think of it, isn't it actually a bit strange how I find myself trying to improve my ranking and please Google by using some Google tricks (well, not actually tricks, comment spammers are the real Google tricksters). The best way to build a strong blog, of course is to just post more content, more opinion, be a presence on the net.

PS2 And one that I think of just now: guess I'm one of the very few people, and maybe the only one, ever Googling my own name. The rest of the world, in order to find my blog, will find it searching on some obscure keyword leading to it. They are the least interested in my name, but rather in solutions to problems offered in the content, or some other stuff they find interesting


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