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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

XMLHTTP Request On The Move

I'm using the XMLHTTPRequest object now for some weeks. At least, I'm busy understanding the way it works. And I have to say, once you have the feel for it, it really works very nice. Until now I've only built it in one or two pages in a hardcoded way. But I see a nice future for it inside our company. The thing you have to keep in mind though is that you don't start using it everywhere. The 'problem' - if you can mention it this way - is that most users are used to the inherent static way webpages work (like, first you have to click a button before some action is performed). Now suddenly you can could change all that. You can even save data entry actions the minute they're entered on a web page, according to this page with some Request guidelines. And hey, you don't even need ASP.NET for that, classic JavaScript inside HTML pages, and the XMLHTTPRequest object are sufficient.

More interesting stuff can be found here and here. The latter page proposes a new name for the system. The disadvantage is that when it get into common use, you'll have to filter out sites on our Dutch national football heroes from Amsterdam :)

Conclusion: for XMLHTTPRequest objects the motto is use them, but use them with care...


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