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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Analyzing Webserver Logfiles With Analog

For those of you wishing to process logfiles with the wonderful log analyzer Analog, you might encounter a problem similar to mine. Analog.exe runs a config file by default, and starts looking up DNS entries by itself. However, it does this on a one-by-one basis, which is terribly slow.

For just this purpose, the utility QDns.exe was made. The reccomendation in the readme.txt was to run it in a batch file, just before running Analog.exe. However, the first time I ran it, after pointing analog.cfg to my logfiles and put everything in order, it just did not start to look up entries. This seemed strange, because I really followed all instructions. However, when running QDns.exe /G analog.cfg nothing interesting happend. QDns.exe /L logile.log /D dnscache is supposed to analyze one logfile while updating the DNS file. Also, no result. But, an interesting error occured "unable to listen to port 53 on main socket 'No Error'" which I Googled, leading me to this message on the Analog mail list:

Of course... I forgot to specify a DNS server with the option /Y x.x.x.x (IP-address DNS Server). Adding this to the commands made it look like QDns finally started processing my DNS entries. It took only one or two minutes, and 3500 entries were resolved!

Case closed


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