Arjan's World: Quick Tip: Debugging with Trace.axd utility in ASP.NET
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Monday, April 11, 2005

Quick Tip: Debugging with Trace.axd utility in ASP.NET

Found this at Sonu Kapoor's WebLog. Trace.axd helps you in a debugging quest by logging the errors for you. It's actually quite simple, just put <trace enabled="true"/> somewhere in <configuration><system.web>, and you'll be up and running on 10 seonds. The nice thing is, you don't have to log errors yourself of worse... rembember what went wrong because there's no trail. No, this utility takes care of this need on it's own.

PS: Don't be a fool and just paste <trace enabled="true"/> at the start of your web.config. Chances are after you press [F5] you will spend ten minutes - i.s.o. seconds, like me :) - handling the following error: "Unable to start debugging on the webserver. Server side-error occured on sending debug HTTP request". You will find tips like repairing your VB.NET installation (don't do that, as it will take you an hour of your time), re-registering dll's and end up in places like this blog post on some other error, only to remember to check web.config and find out there's already a <trace enabled="false"/> somewhere below which you overlooked... d'oh


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