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Monday, June 20, 2005

Windows Getting A Bit Slow?

Ever have the feeling that your Windows XP installation is getting slower and slower month by month? I make considerable use of a not-too-fast laptop while working / surfing etc. because it gives me the freedom to work everywhere I want at home. I can come in handy to give the OS some breathing room by disabling services you'll never need. Believe me, there are lots of services which are running by default that you're not likely to have a need of. This article mentions some of them: ClipBook, Error Reporting Service, Fast User Switching, IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service, Indexing Service, Messenger, Print Spooler.

Read the article for some more background (as an extra incentive to go read it, the article has a reference to an exhaustive list of services and recommended settings which I won't mention here):

Disabling Windows XP services


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