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Monday, January 16, 2006

LINKBLOG for January 16, 2005

  • Lightbox: a very nice and unobtrusive JavaScript thumbnail viewer.
    (via the DOM Scripting Blog)

  • The WMF backdoor is not a backdoor, says Microsoft's Stephen Toulouse
    (via (dutch))

  • Jeff Atwood was so annoyed - as do a lot of people - by the cruft of HTML Word produces, that he rolled his own .NET (C#, 2.0) CleanWordHTML function. I'm not working with 2.0 (yet), fortunately Sam ported it back to .NET 1.1

  • A really serious-looking story about wirelesss connections on a Washington Post blog: Windows Wireless Flaw a Danger to Laptops. What's most worrisome - or fun, as some might say - is the next quote:
    " Here's the really freaky part about all this: No more than five minutes after I had deleted the "hackme" network ID from my laptop, Loveless and I spotted the same network name being broadcast from another computer that didn't belong to either of us. Turns out, someone else at the hacker conference was trying to join the fun. "

    Fortunately for Windows XPSP2 users, they won't have problems, as incoming wireless traffic is prevented by default. But still... many many people have no idea how their PC works. Even last week, I spoke to a neighbor, who started to have 'problems' with his PC after he got broadband. No idea he had to use those virusscanners, and he did not even understand words like 'firewall' and 'spyware' coming from my mouth...
    (Also via


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