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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Keeping Up: Maybe We Should Just Stop Reading

The myth of "keeping up"
Read it first, you won't regret it. Then *do* come back please :)

Or, if you're really short on time, the gist of the article follows here. It's that we think we need to keep current on all important fields in our lives (tech, personal, gossip, news etc.etc.) but actually we can never do that. It will drive you crazy if you just keep on trying. Sometimes I joke to my wife: 'I'm almost done reading the internet, but please let me finish it because something new was just added'. The article's advise is acutally quite comforting, because I still DO think I need to know a lot about a lot of things. But in the end it's not. You do need to know what you need to know at this moment to get your job done: "Just In Time" Learning

via numerous sources, Kathy Sierra has an substantial readership.

PS: The ironic thing is that I unsubscribed from her feed some time ago in order to bring the total number from 140+ to a mere 90. Maybe I shouldn't have unsubscribed, because following her wise advice would have bought me more time than just throw a lot of stuff out the door.


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