Arjan's World: SQL Server Stored Proc Debate Continues... Will It Ever Stop?
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Saturday, May 27, 2006

SQL Server Stored Proc Debate Continues... Will It Ever Stop?

You would say everything there is to know about Stored Procedures and whether or not they're the preferred way to go when it comes to database access, has been said already 3 years ago. In an extensive heated debate Rob Howard (pro) and Frans Bouma (contra) would have said all:

I clearly remember the debate, and lots of people referred back to these posts in the time between. Now however, Frans tells us a NEW debate is actually going on (A quote comes up: "Those who don't remember history are condemned to repeat is"

A very long thread (and when I say very I mean very!) over at TheServerSide.NETran a couple months ago, and is still getting contributions. On first side the arguments are still about the same as 3 years ago however, a bit mixed up and repeated... If you don't know about the old debate, it might be a good idea to read this one, just to get a feel for the different opinions out there on the subject. If nothing else, it will show you that even database access theory is not black & white.

For the rest I kindly refer you to Frans Frans's post for more info (otherwise I'm just going to click his one together, which wouldn't really add any value...


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