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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Test Of Blogger For Word Add-in

This is a test of the Blogger For Word macro, allowing you to publish to Blogger from within Word.
See if it works as expected, hang on…

Well, it works! I first made a draft, and now opened the draft again in Word, and it seems to work seemlessly. Wonderful! The only thing is that it is a bit weird because you’re publishing to the internet from within a text editor; normally these would be strictly seperated ways of working

Via  Breuls who led me to Frank Watching . Download the tool here from the blogger site

Update: Only thing is you have to ask for a HTML preview, as some Word junk which you have to remove first is sometimes added. And what would be totally cool would be the real preview of the blog item. I always use that one to remove the last unexpected things. I'm used to looking at HTML markup, however there's nothign like WYSIWYG


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