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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Put Your Feeds On Your Blog

SUBTITLE: The disadvantage of using too many free services

Lately I've seen a couple of people (well, there were more but I forgot who) asking how they can get their URLs into their blogs automatically. One of the commenters mentioned as a page to convert a feed of bookmarks into a javascript file. Subsequently you can put the JavaScript in your sidebar or wherever you like it, and you're done. I don't know about that one, but it might be good. I use another service, with which I'm quite satisfied until now. I post to a 'weblog' category in and the sidebar will display the URLs.

Hmm, well, wait, now that I open up the page where you can generate your JavaScript it says: "Feed Digest has launched. RSS Digest is deprecated". OK, the *huge* disadvantage of using several of there free services, is that they tend to change/disappear on a general basis. Well, my javascript still works, but it seems you'll have to go to and try iut yourself.

Hmm2, they have only 'softlaunched' so far. Guess it means the're still in beta. Means I'm going to wait until I change the script myself. Never change a working script.


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