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Monday, January 02, 2006

Bloglines Is Down, What To Do Now?

This morning I found Bloglines to be down. Oops, what to do now, ... well, just go doing some real work I suppose (and making my first post in 2006) :-) Now, hours later, we still can see the dreaded plumber happily announcing they had a '...database multiple hardware failure'. That actually shouldn't happen in case you have RAID0/1 systems and redundant power supplies and fans etc. But still, we've seen enough weird things happening at my company to know that hardware always follows the Law of Murphy.

Good luck with the repairs guys, hopefully I can do some catching up tonight.

That reminds me of something I wanted to write about, but didn't do for the obvious reasons (lack of time being the most significant): the abundance of personal data we all have lying around on the net (think RSS-feeds, bookmark and social sites, G- and other webmail; don't even think of all sites carrying unformation on all our account we have over there. And did I mention Amazon (wishlists) yet. Somehow, I think <prediction mode> 2006 will be the year people get fed up with entering data all over the place</prediction mode>. But that's food for another post.


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