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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Joel discovers Reddit

This is hot news: Joel just posted an entry to announce he's going to use reddit as a way for his vast readership to point him and others to interesting articles and links.

Reddit is kind of a social bookmark site giving you the option to bring in interesting pieces, and to vote other's up or down, up if you like 'em and down if they're spam or ..well, otherwise not really to your liking.
I'm using reddit since Janary, and I must say that made me stop using for the next couple weeks. Lots of interesting stuff appeared. The only disadvantage was that the average visitor is a Paul Graham style hacker, devoted to Lisp and Python, and well, that's not really my thing. The other point is that the number of visitors on reddit are of another dimension than say,, yielding to less interesting stuff once you've seen it all. And the top category really mainly consists of Paul Graham articles (nothing wrong with that, I actually read most of them. But, maybe now we'll start to see a growing and more diverse public discovering reddit (Microsoft, .NET?, who knows)? I'm *very* curious how this works out! Great idea Joel!

Btw, will this be the rise of a complete new set of subreddits. Joel is the only 'outsider' there now, but I could envision other peopleor categories to pop up there....

Via Joel of course


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