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Friday, September 30, 2005


FYI, a littlie bit of added security in Internet Explorer I wasn't aware of until now:

" Malicious Web sites may attempt to copy information from your Windows Clipboard. That is the utility that temporarily stores information from cut and copy operations.
You can prevent sites from downloading information from the Clipboard. In Internet Explorer, click Tools>>Internet Options. Click Custom Level on the Security tab. Scroll to the Scripting section. Select prompt for "Active scripting," "Allow paste operations via script" and "Scripting of Java applets." Click OK>>OK."

via Windows XP Expert Zone

And while we're talking about the use of Internet Explorer: did you know this browser has a strange glitch - a browser cache bug - which allows itself to appear higher in usage rankings, at least when you're looking at 'total hits' (as opposed to more appropriate statistics that take IP addresses and time frames into account, thus preventing to inflate statistics just by refreshing a page a couple times.


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