Arjan's World: Joel Invents The "Development Abstraction Layer"
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Joel Invents The "Development Abstraction Layer"

Go read The Development Abstraction Layer. Key quote according to me:

A programmer is most productive with a quiet private office, a great computer, unlimited beverages, an ambient temperature between 68 and 72 degrees (F), no glare on the screen, a chair that's so comfortable you don't feel it, an administrator that brings them their mail and orders manuals and books, a system administrator who makes the Internet as available as oxygen, .... etc

This is *so* true. All to often programmers, but of course -to be politically correct- all other knowledge workers included are viewed as resources who can be exchanged at will. Some disgruntled employee leaving the company? Let's just get another! Let me assure you: I don't think we as programmers are the only important employees for our companies. But please let us do what we're best at: programming. And while I don't need an Aeron chair, please let me have quiet working place conditions with at least the possibility to work undisturbed for a substantial amount of time, if I think it's neccessary. I'm happy to help every other collegue out (even think that's one of my positive skills, helping other people), but sometimes I just need that 2 hours to finish a target...


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