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Saturday, April 15, 2006

LINKBLOG for April 20, 2006

  • Disable Flash or Uninstall Flash I was tired of Flash ads consuming all my CPU on my 5-year old laptop. The ads also blank annoyed me, time to do something about it. Choose for yourselves: kill Flash completely or just disable it. I choose the latter one, then you can always view a flash thingie if needed.

  • Welcome to the new world of Web 2.1. There's really no end to the amount of fun you can make about web2.0 and it's elk ... here's a guy who transfered the <BLINK> that the younger ones among you won't even remember to server-side AJAX-ie code. Very useful - to be introduced to how AJAX like requests work, that is - :)

  • Remote Desktop Tips and Tricks by Jeff Atwood A wealth of key command you can use on a Remote Desktop. I actually never took the time to fond them out myself, so this came in handy. I'm working on remote desktops every day. The first one was already enough, as it always bugged me that I found myself moving the mouse around *a lot* on a non-maximized desktop to get to other windows. Not anymore:
    Alt + Page Up
    Switches between programs from left to right.


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