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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Contest: win a Timesnapper Professional license!

Dating from way back, I still have a couple Timesnapper licenses to give away for free! Couldn't come up with an interesting way to handle this. Until today. One of my collegues came up with a series of numbers. As it goes with these series, he challenged us to come up with the next one. One of us got the answer in about three seconds, the other ones took.... let's just say a little bit more time :-)

So the challenge is simple: to show off how smart you are, come up with the two number combinations following the ones below. Accompany this with a clear description of the logic behind it, and win a free copy of TimeSnapper Professional! O, and don't forget to leave your (cloaked) email somewhere so I can contact you.

That leaves me to find a way to hand out the other two licenses, can't have them being unused for too long... To escape that problem I thought out this complex construction, so read on carefully.

The person to come up with the most interesting idea of giving away the third license, wins the second one (this person not being the one to come up with the correct number sequence, of course). This idea must be doable right here on the blog. And the third license of course will be given away to the person winning this other contest. Later. Hmmm, awfully incoherent this post, isn't it? Very curious what you guys and gals come up with, here it goes:

Give us the ones on the yyy's (to prevent this post from being flagged as offensive, I intentionally didn't choose the letter before the 'y'...)


PS: If you don't want to be spoiled and think out the answer yourself, don't read the comments immediately, as it might already be there...
PS2: don't bother Googling the sequence ;-)


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courtney at kygeek dot com


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